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Appsource SACCO Solution

Appsource brings you software for SACCO management, accounting with a free trial.

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Appsource Schools solution

Get a free trial customized school system software for automated, easier school management.

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Appsource Mobile WiFi Login App

Free mobile wi-fi login application to manage network congestion from Appsource.

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POS (Point Of Sale) Solution

Manage your business using POS retail system to handle payments
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Laptops & Desktops

Get the best quality Brand new and Refurbished high performance laptops of all brands for international business operations
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All computer Accessories

Check out our stock of the different accessories with free delivery offered to our clients who make online orders and those who visit our shop and buy in bulk

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Home Security System

Secure your home with alarm and mobile notifications in presence of an intruder.

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Auto Irrigation System

Water your crops automatically due to moisture content either with solar energy or no power supply

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Smart House

Control your home electric appliances with all lightings using a remote or a mobile application.

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